History of Lakefield Baptist Church

•  The Chapel of LBC was opened for worship on October 28, 1863

•  The congregation was made up of Lakefield residents who had been attending the evangelical services at Line Church, Gilmour Memorial Baptist & Selwyn Baptist

•  Rev. John Gilmour, preached the morning sermon on the opening day; Mr. Roger gave an address in the afternoon and Rev. S. Tapscott preached in the evening. The following day, 300 people attended a tea and public meeting

•  Rev. E.C. Roberts was the first pastor of LBC from 1863 to 1869

•  The Chapel, now the Fellowship Room, served the congregation as a sanctuary and Sunday School , for almost 30 years

•  The building of our present day sanctuary was completed in Nov. 1892, for a cost of $2,000 with Mr. W. MacDonald, Mr. T. Gordon, Mr. J Campbell & Rev. W.L. Palframan comprising the Building Committee. The original Chapel became the Sunday School Room

•  The first church parsonage, was purchased in 1910 on the south side of Smith St. &  operated for 40 years

•  In 1963 a new wing was added, which provided class rooms, nursery, church offices, kitchen & washrooms.